Our Spring Craziness

Time flies when you’re having fun, and we’ve been having a ton of fun and some crazy, busy days around here this spring. We dove head first into my favorite part of spring…SPRING CLEANING. I’ve taken several garbage bags full of too small clothes from the kids out (I should probably feed these giants less or something), along with some decorations from the old house that just don’t work in my farmhouse decor. I have a bit of a decorating problem, (in that I love it and can’t stop thinking about decorating my house and I’m not even ashamed that it’s my hobby). So that means I have a ton of stuff I just don’t need anymore. This house is also only 1000 square feet, which is 1400 less square feet than our old one and something we’re all still adjusting to. I’ve come to love the simplicity of it, but it means I really need to consider what goes where (like furniture and pictures) and what to bring into the house. So whenever I see a beautiful antique sideboard for sale I just keep on scrolling by, and then die a little inside.

We’ve also been working hard on the outside of the house, which I will post pictures of once we’re all done. The covered deck is getting painted and new railings put on. The old red shed we named this place after got a fresh coat of red paint and cleaned up. It’s as adorable as ever. We also cleaned the inside and found some cool old receipts and other things from a former owner. The house on this property is fairly new, but that shed is super old and was moved here from somewhere else a long time ago. Time to paint some new initials under the ones already on the wall in there.

In the next few weeks we’ll be working more on the inside of the house, finally! A shiplap project I’ve been dying to try out in the kitchen and bathrooms will get started. We’re also going to replace some upper kitchen cabinets with homemade wooden shelves. We turned two bedrooms into one last year, and that one big bedroom is getting some brand new flooring, wallpaper and paint. I’m also going to hang a gallery wall in the hallway. Can’t wait!

Now big surprise, my kids are thrilled that the weather is nice and the garden is growing. They never, and I do mean NEVER want to come inside. They hate inside. They hate movies and TV, even Lego has barely been touched. I’m going to need sunscreen in bulk amounts and to hose them off every night before they get in bed. I didn’t know little feet could get so dirty. Here’s Cobie’s feelings on the subject of summer.


So it’s time to buy a 100 pack of freezies, turn the sprinkler on for the kids and relax. After I spend hours a week pushing the lawnmower, pulling weeds and keeping animals alive of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way!



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