Hello Winter!

It’s been a busy month for us at the acreage. We got our first blast of cold weather, a little early and unexpected. Which means the chickens had a bit of an adjustment period. It hit about -25 one night, and while I was open eyed and worrying in bed, they were just fine. They had plenty to complain about in the morning, and I really heard about it, but they have now adjusted to the temperatures heater free. They slowed down a lot on laying, which was expected, but luckily I stocked up on eggs and have enough to get me through Christmas baking this year. I’m hoping to get some mirrors and swings out there to entertain them. They’ve stopped leaving their run to free range, so I’m sure some of the grumpiness comes from boredom. They’ve been going through food and water like crazy, which means more poop, which means more shavings. Their bedding is already at the bottom of their nesting boxes, so we’ll have to see how that goes once we’re in the new year.


The girls and I took a little trip on our own. We flew down south to see family for a few days. The trip went so much better thanks to all the kind people on the planes and in the airports. I didn’t even bother bringing any electronics to distract them. They had books, snacks (keep the snacks healthy so things don’t get crazy, kind of like they did on our way home), and some colouring pages and crayons. We’ll definitely be doing that again.

Elvis the farm dog has settled nicely into his new “farm” jobs. All three dogs and two cats now end up sleeping in the living room in the evening. Elvis enjoys being outside more than anything, so we’re going to install the railing on our covered deck and let him spend all his time out there. We’re in dog heaven here at Red Shed Acres. Corbin is our first dog (he just turned 11) and he’s part Border Collie. We couldn’t have picked a better place for him to be. Even Nova, who is a purebred Pit Bull, cuddles with the cats at night and plays with the chickens. We’re installing a wood stove (which we shopped around bought used!) in our living room in about a week, so you know where pet mountain will be after that. Hubby bought some concrete looking porcelain tiles for the hearth, and we’re trying to decide on what will go behind the stove right now. I’ll update that for sure.


As for winter so far here, I’m in love. I thought summer would be my favorite time here, then fall hit and I couldn’t stop taking pictures, now we’ve had the most beautiful winter so far and I’m obsessed. I often go out to the chickens in the morning and stay outside longer than necessary. Blue skies, sparkly snow and frosty trees. If it’s frosty in the morning and the sun comes out, sparkles fall off the trees for hours in the afternoon. I feel like I live in a snow globe. So obviously, after years of trying to find the right acreage, we couldn’t be happier to be here.


Next up: Us building the ice rink of our dreams in the “front” yard. I’m sure that will come with it’s fair share of struggles (which always turn into laughs around here).


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