‘Tis the Season of Decluttering

Fall is a busy time for our family. Both girls have birthdays only two weeks apart from each other, and this year it’s back to school in a new place and the first year of riding the bus. On top of that, I start to get the itch to clear the house out and do a major clean. We live in a small home with no room to store things. Which goes nicely with my hatred of clutter and saving things just in case you need them one day. *shudder*

I find that writing things down helps me a lot. I like to see what I need to do so I can cross it off physically and mentally once the task is completed. I made a starter list which I put below. Some of these are obvious, some are pretty specific (my husband seems to collect bottles of sauces and never use them). I usually start by having a few separate boxes so it’s easy to organize things and send them to the correct place. Dump, donate, store. The point of course is to store as little as possible. Crossing a big line through these becomes more satisfying as you progress.


declutterOf course there are things that do deserve to be kept around. At the beginning of every year I buy the kids a scrapbook container. Once the big one gets home from school, or the little one wants to replace the artwork on the fridge, it’s super easy to just put their masterpieces into the container and put it back in the closet. It stops a stack of schoolwork from getting wet on the counter, or ripped up by the puppy. The containers also stack really nicely in the closet without taking up too much room. I do the same thing for batteries, cords we actually use and a few other unavoidable things that need to be stored.


Now that we live in such a small home it’s become more important than ever to keep on top of this stuff. Before, during and after the move I’ve relied heavily on Facebook bidding sites to get rid of stuff that’s worth something. It’s easy enough to take a picture of something, put it on the site, and watch the bids come in. Since I’ve been doing some redecorating I also make a point to get rid of something I won’t use if I bring something new into the house. I’ve also picked up this nice habit of searching for used things first whenever I need something.

Once all the stuff is out the door, donated, in the dump, sold, my mind breaths a sigh of relief. The house is easier to keep clean, which in turn means I don’t have piles of laundry to get through all the time, I don’t have too many dishes to do, and I can organize a meal plan, which usually means a nicer looking grocery bill. Until hubby walks down the hot sauce aisle again of course.


And yes, the puppy really does rip homework, newsletters and artwork to little shreds. Then he looks at me like this and all is forgiven.


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