Five Minutes

I love the change of seasons, but this one is my favorite. I live in a funny place for autumn where it can still be 23 degrees during the day, but below zero overnight. That just means that I can’t get enough of my morning five minutes of peace and quiet.

My mornings are full of chores. With so many animals and people to keep alive I have about a million things to do at once, and many mouths waiting to be fed. If I manage to get up early enough though, even Elvis the farm dog stays asleep on my bedroom floor.

I walk out to the kitchen, hit the heat button on the water cooler and get a tea bag ready in a giant mug. While I’m waiting for that I slip on my cozy sweater and boots. The sun is still shining brightly at this time of year, showing off the sparkly little bits of frost on the leaves. It’s the first thing I see as I step outside, tea in hand.


The smell and feel of the crisp air is so refreshing and clean. There’s not a sound in the world for a few moments, until I start walking on the grass and hear the crunching leaves under my feet. If I stand still for a minute I can barely hear the sound of leaves falling off trees around me and hitting the ground.

I’m quickly pulled out of my little heaven when I hear the sliding glass door open, and a little voice asking me for breakfast. Around the same time the rooster starts up, Cheese the rooster has great timing.

I turn around and head inside, joining back into the life I love every moment of. The chaos of spilled milk and cheerios, barking dogs, yelling kids and never ending laundry awaits.

Until tomorrow, five minutes.


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