The Coop

Not long after moving to the acreage we acquired some chicks. Which is great, except we had nowhere to keep them. They spent a few weeks in a Rubbermaid container and a small run my husband threw together in a night of work.


All before we built…the chicken mansion.


We spent a couple hours every night after hubby got off work building this piece of chicken paradise. It’s built on the back of the red shed this little farm is named after, which also means it’s far enough away that Cheese the rooster can crow all morning and not wake a single human. Which is good, because he’s definitely started at 5:30am before.

There were no plans, we just started one day, and it came together perfectly. Luckily we’ve always made a really good team (the girls too!) and it went smoothly. I only hit my fingers with a hammer about 50 times putting the roof on myself.

The roof is tin, along with the bottom sides. We have quite a few foxes around here, so a predator proof coop was important. The chicken wire sides help the ladies and gents get some sun during the day. The solar lights above the door have become really handy when we go out a bit later to shut their coop for the night.

The coop itself is huge. We have an LED light rope on a timer, along with several nesting boxes, and a few roosts. It’s already gotten a bit cold here at night, so after a good clean out we’ve started the deep bedding method. Which is perfect for us. All winter we’ll put more shavings in and keep turning it. Once spring hits we’ll clean it out and put it in the compost pile.

The ladies are still happy, and we’re getting more eggs than ever from them now.


In fact the coop is so large, and so nice…we now have over 30 chickens. Which is a perfectly reasonable number of chickens if you ask me.




Crazy Chicken Lady



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